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Clubmapp Chalet Party

20.04.15 | General


A few week’s ago, the Clubmapp and its party crowd went to the mountains in Auron to have a 2-day blast in the snow. With us were over 1000 enthusiasts who attended the event at the magnificent scenerie, who were ready to finish the cold season and welcome the summer. Hosted as day event next to the ski slopes at the fully privatized Restaurant Club Le Fabrant, people were able to enjoy the sun and originally tailored drinks for this special occasion, exciting side attractions such as fire and breakdance performances, ski jump performances and absolute crazy rhythms by the DJs.


Many thanks to all the helpers, and we hope to see you soon at our next event to start the summer season. This time, you will find Clubmapp celebrating in the heart of Monaco…so stay tuned for more news!



Photos: www.jeremycondamine.com