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27.09.14 | Events

FL3A8727 Kopie

This past Thursday September 18, CLUBMAPP hosted the worldwide premiere of their newest prototype CLUBMAPP 2.0 at Stardeck, above the iconic Monaco fixture Stars and Bars.


Monaco has produced numerous outstanding entrepreneurs and innovators of cutting edge technologies; however, with the launch of CLUBMAPP 2.0, the Monaco-based brand has taken innovation and entrepreneurship in the principality to unparalleled new levels.



Throughout the evening, screens surrounding the venue were transformed into iPhones, where guests were able to exclusively preview the revolutionary new CLUBMAPP mock-up. Guests, consisting of a mixture of loyal Clubmapp friends, media, and new students at the International University of Monaco, witnessed the latest innovations in app design, developed by CLUBMAPP’S own highly skilled and internationally diverse team that the world has never seen before. Guests of the event were also quizzed on the application’s diverse features, which allowed the developers to improve the app’s functional and aesthetic design.


Once officially launched in App stores worldwide, the newest version of CLUBMAPP will be the first social media application to incorporate elements of nightlife, chatting, and photo sharing on one interactive application, possessing the latest information and news from clubs all around the world, enabling a network of passionate partygoers to connect with other clubbers. The unique app will locate for users the hottest and most exclusive clubs in their surrounding area. Registered users of the application can use CLUBMAPP’s built-in chat function to find other clubbers, flirt, and make new friends- in every location- elevating their nightlife experience to extraordinary new heights.


CLUBMAPP users will also be able to add their own content, including photos, the length of the queue outside the club, and the general atmosphere inside the club. Users can also indicate their drink, music, and nightlife preferences on their profile.


The party at Stars and Bars also coincided with the welcoming of new students to the International University of Monaco. With the help of CLUBMAPP’s interactive social media platform, the event allowed those new and old to Monaco to meet, mingle, and experience the vitality of Monaco nightlife.


CLUBMAPP would like to thank the amazing team at Stars & Bars for their incredible hospitality, and the guests of the event for coming along and giving CLUBMAPP the motivation to provide clubbers with the most interactive and entertaining platform to upgrade their nightlife.