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Welcome to the official website!

09.08.14 | General

Clubmapp® is thrilled to present our new and improved official website. On this space, you will find the most immediate news on Clubmapp events, the latest promotions from nightclubs around the globe, and introspective- but more than often laugh-out-loud funny- stories from the amazing places that we at Clubmapp have the opportunity to go!


Starting as a simple idea from a group of passionate partygoers who wanted to add an extra spice to their clubbing experience, Clubmapp is fast emerging to become the favored nightlife and chatting application for people all around the world, from the billionaire heirs of Monaco to the larger-than-life electro heads of Berlin. Our aim is to provide you with that extra kick- that extra olive in your martini, that extra sizzle in your Vodka Tonic- to upgrade your nightlife.

Stay tuned to this space to follow and be a part of the infinite Clubmapp journey. We want to share every unforgettable experience with you.